3 Ways to Cope When you Didn’t get the Job

Hi, friends. How many of you have gone through the emotional roller coaster that is job hunting? If your Daddy isn’t Donald Trump, then you are probably among the many that has agonized over job boards, perfected your resume/cover letter, squeezed yourself into formal business attire on a hot summers day, looking like a melted birthday cake, only to interview and get the dreaded “we are pursuing other candidate” email a few days later.


Much like a small child, if I don’t get my way (aka if I don’t get that damn job), I throw a fit and give up. One job rejection is all it takes for me to quit applying, and loathe the company that denied me entirely. “WELL FINE, if this cellphone place won’t hire me, I’ll switch services.” “OH OK, car insurance place, you won’t hire me as an insurance rep?! Cancelling my policy, good sir.” See?! I handle job rejection SOOOO well. I’m very well adjusted, thank you very much!

3 ways to cope with job rejection
How to handle job rejection.

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Is Laziness Keeping you Broke?

You’ve been scouring the inter webs on frugal living and getting your finances together. You think, “man, there is no way I can save money, I don’t make $X amount, I have bills, and there’s a music festival this weekend I MUST ATTEND.” Deep down, you know you should be paying off credit card debt, student loans, or saving those Benjamin’s ya make, but that takes work.

What if I told you there was an easier way to whip your finances in order, that require the bare minimum of work?! You can still save money, while adhering to your lazy values. It won’t make you a millionaire, but it can help get that debt to vanish, and pad your savings!

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Let’s Talk Dirty: Discussing Salaries

Why are people so hesitant to share their salaries? I have some friends who are like me, and openly share their salary, bonuses, and raises. Most people I know are the opposite. Discussing finances is filthy. They don’t share their car payment, mortgage payment, and never even hint at their salary. I’ve never been one to hide what I make. Even when I’m the lowest paid person in the group, I’ll tell people how much I make if asked. Obviously, people should not be tone deaf and bluntly ask, out of nowhere, how much someone makes. But why is it so taboo to share the dirty details of your paycheck?

I hope my generation starts to break down these social barriers, and we are able to have more open, constructive discussions on salaries and careers.

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Post-Grad Advice you Should Ignore

Even though I’ve been out of school for three years, I’m still going to count myself as a recent college graduate. Post-grad life is hard. Way harder than I could ever imagine. It’s the first time you’re actually out on your own. Usually you don’t have access to your parents health care, they kick you off all their bills they kindly paid in school, and you have more expenses than you ever could dream of. And you actually have to start a career, one that will last a lot longer than four years. Ah.

There’s a lot of advice out there on how navigate post grad life. Most of it is very valuable, and very relatable. However, I’ve heard some advice slewed out that is slightly amiss, and sometimes down right insulting to us infiltrating the work force at such a precarious time in the economy.

Here is advice I hear often, and ignore!


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Marshmallows & Finances

“Normality is a paved road. It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.”- Vincent Van Gough

One thing that financial bloggers bring up a lot is the Marshmallow Experiment. I’m sure you’ve heard it, but to recap, it was an experiment at Stanford about delayed gratification. Children in the study had the choice between eating one marshmallow now, or waiting 15 minutes and getting two later. The children that could wait for the bigger reward later had healthier BMIs, higher SAT scores, and were less prone to drug addiction.

I have always wondered how I would respond in such a study. I consulted with my husband on this pressing matter. His response: “you’d eat your marshmallow, demand more, and throw a fit if they didn’t bring you some immediately.”
There was no arguing with that response, it was 100% correct.


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3 Surefire Ways to Crush Your Goals

How many times a day do you say to yourself, “next year will be better, it’ll be MY year!” I catch myself saying this multiple times a day. Especially on December 31st. Every Dec 31st, I am convinced I’ll wake the next day a new, improved human without putting in any work or changing anything. Despite not making any changes, I still expect my waist line to shrink & my bank account to increase.

How is that working out for me? Not well. I set a lot of goals around every NYE, but around January 10th, these goals are forgotten and discarded because, dang it, they take a lot of work!

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How did This State School Cost so Much?


That was the question I shouted when I first opened up all my student loans accounts. They had been there all four years, silently compounding monstrous interest, and I had blissfully ignored them until graduation day. College was, without a doubt, the best four years of my life. I loved the classes, the experiences, and the freedom.

What I didn’t love, however, were the student loans, and how quickly these things piled on. I attended the cheapest college I could find (excluding community college, that is), and even had some scholarships to boot. When reviewing financial aid, it had an “al la carte” section where you can apply for loans to cover the cost of transportation, technology, and a misc category. I could pay nothing now! Just add the extra expenses to my loans and ta-da, no money worries for the year!

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